“Everyday I strive to positively affect the human body

by thoughtfully integrating expertise

in multiple hands-on techniques.”

“Specializing in the non-invasive techniques of Lymphatic Facilitation, CranioSacral Release, Ortho-Bionomy and Fascial Decompression, I work to promote release and self-correction of deep holding patterns, allowing the body to reorganize to the highest level of balance and health of which it is capable at that time.”

Vi Huffman, Owner and massage therapist at Touch of Sense Massage

The research community continues to expand the definable physical benefits of massage, opening mainstream doors to the concept of the body’s ability to self-correct and self-heal without having to resort to constant chemical intervention.  In addition, psychological investigation is validating the long-held belief in the mind-body connection. 

Application of current research, knowledge and technique creates an incredibly dynamic partnership between client and (massage) therapist that exponentially expands the potential positive ramifications of educated touch.

Vi is dedicated to quality massage therapy designed for the individual.

Clients seeking deep relaxation as well as athletes challenged by immediate physical issues benefit from the broad foundation of knowledge and training brought to the table.

Deep Release does not mean you have to endure deep pain.