What people are saying about Touch of Sense Massage

You have magic hands!   —Cindy

When you’re young you think you are indestructible.  When you’re old….you get massage.   —Robert, retired police officer

 OMG!  That was so good…I’m so relaxed I had trouble getting dressed! —Jessica

Your body changes daily – so a good massage needs to address that.  Vi customizes her work each time to hit this moving target, both on a physical and emotional level. —Margaret Burns Vap, Founder, Big Sky Yoga Retreats

It’s amazing how much Vi can do…and it doesn’t have to hurt.  Her hands………soft yet so strong.  —Jennifer, Music Teacher  

Working with horses on a daily basis is physically demanding.  Vi keeps me going.  If something is not working right, she fixes it (or makes it a LOT better).  She’s able to get right to the source and work it out.  I certainly count on my twice a month massage routine.   —Janice C., Montana Horse Sense

It just wouldn’t make sense to go to anyone else.  You work with me; together we approach the challenges of my body. —J. S., professional, mother of a toddler, with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis

This is the best massage I’ve ever had…way better than the one I had last week that cost twice as much! — M.C., Bozeman, Montana                          

When I want work done, I come to you.    When I’ve messed something up, I don’t want someone else, I want you. ––Paul S, massage therapist

I wish we had a massage therapist like you near us!—Jackie L., Port Townsend, Washington, Big Sky Yoga Retreats

You fixed it!  My neck hasn’t caught or hurt in 3 weeks!  I don’t know what you did, but will you do it again? ––Beth M., Belgrade, Montana

How lucky we are to have a lady like you right down the street.  Your prices make it easy to keep coming back—-not like a massage is a “once a year luxury,” but a regular thing…a regular “don’t I feel goooood” thing.  I am so glad I found you!  Don’t you dare move!!!!!!!   —Maggie, Office Professional

Vi:  I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks.  Here’s the number for a massage therapist that you could go to while I’m away.

Carol:  No, thanks.  Only you.  What’s the first day you’ll be back? —Carol F., Nurse Practitioner


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